Geothermal heating
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The Advantages
  • Environmentally non-polluting
  • Energy-efficient
  • Economical
  • Weather Independent
  • CE approved by the TUV
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Taking the heat out of earth

Ground Source Heat Pumps
Ground Source Heat Pumps use low grade energy in the ground and convert it in to usable heat for space and domestic water heating.  Bore holes are an efficient method of gathering this low grade energy. They require very little surface area and therefore are often used for low cost low energy housing.

CO2 Heat Tubes
CO2 Heat Tubes are more efficient than other methods of taking heat from a bore hole. CO2 naturally circulates inside the tube bringing the heat from deep in the ground to the surface without the need for a circulating pump. Energy is then transferred to the building via the heat pump. No energy is required to extract the heat from the ground or to transport it to the surface, thus reducing the overall running costs of the GECO2 system.


GECO2 (GEothermal using Carbon diOxide) will reduce the running cost (energy in) and increase the efficiency of a Ground Source Heat Pump System.
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