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SHAND & JURS Storage Tank Fittings BRUGG Flexible Pipe in Pipe SGB Pipe in Pipe and Tank Leak Detection Systems
EBSRAY LPG / Autogas Pump L&J ENGINEERING Tank Gauging Systems FAFNIR Storage Tank Overfill Sensors
BRUGG Flexible LPG / Autogas Pipe Ebsray Regenerative LPG / Autogas Pump BRUGG Flexible Double Walled Pipe

Welcome to Orange County Limited

Orange County are a leading UK supplier of Safety Pipework, Transfer Pumps and Breather Valves / Instrumentation for use on storage tank sites that contain liquids or gases that are flammable, hazardous and ground water polluting.

Key Markets supported include flammable fuels (diesel, petroleum, heating oils, LPG), cryogenic liquids, solvents, gases, waste water, chemicals and drinking water.

Distributing products for several world leading manufacturing companies, we are able to provide engineering know-how, application knowledge and comprehensive backup and support of all equipment or systems supplied.

Our range of equipment now includes:

  • BRUGG Flexwell Stainless Steel Flexible Safety Pipe for Buried and Above Ground Installation
  • BRUGG Double Walled Flexible Safety Pipe (Pipe in Pipe) for Buried and Above Ground Installation
  • EBSRAY LPG / Autogas Transfer Pumps for Liquefied Petroleum Gases
  • EBSRAY Industrial Transfer Pumps for Oils, Greases, Bitumen and Viscous Fluids
  • FAFNIR Overfill Protection Sensors and Systems for Storage Tanks and Process Tanks
  • L&J ENGINEERING Storage Tank Float Gauges, Radar Gauges, Displacer Gauges and Instrumentation
  • L&J ENGINEERING (WHESSOE Type HOSV) Hydraulically Operated Safety Valves for LPG Service
  • SGB Leak Detection Equipment for Double Walled Pipework (Pipe in Pipe) and Tanks
  • SHAND & JURS Storage Tank Pressure & Vacuum Vent Valves (WHESSOE Type Breather Valves)
  • SHAND & JURS Storage Tank Emergency Relief Vent Valves and Tank Roof Fittings
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